Q: What’s new about ArchLoot?

A: To alter the current P2E gaming landscape that is full of all setup characters & daily quests, ArchLoot allows and encourages original ideas of gamers' own. On this new land no one has explored, it is the chance for you to see the re-creation of the world. ArchLoot is the first game that introduces an interactive NFTgameplay. Monsters in ArchLoot are more than generic fighting avatars. Parts (all NFTs) of monsters can be enhanced, recombined, exchanged and traded freely. Further events regarding UGC NFTs, self-defined maps, PVP gameplays, and even original in-game skins will be held in the community.

Q: As a gamer, what can I do in ArchLoot?

A: a. Assemble & enhance monsters

Gamers can acquire Monsters’ parts in the proprietary marketplace or receive them freely after purchasers of hunting licences, with rarity varying from level 1 to level 4. Certain combinations of strengthened parts can take down almost anything. But again, there are no written rules of superiority in ArchLoot.

Take your chance to beat the strong with weak gadgets. By developing a secret part combination paradigm, poison, recovery, good bulk, ridiculous damage output, and great resistances- your monster can have it all, and will more than happily take you to the leaderboard!

b. Adventures of your own

It is your choice to be a PVP competitor, dungeon explorer, original content socializer, event challenger/ achiever, or a stimulation seeker in ArchLoot. The game provides various maps, challenging dungeons, tons of choices to acquire resources and parts to strengthen monsters, dungeon PVE, and PVP for leaderboard competition.

c. Level up NFTgaming play-and-earn

Purchasing a hunting license is the ticket for gated perks, including rare lucky NFT rewards, in-game incentives and gadgets, and more. The primary purpose of our unique NFTgameplay model is to ensure long-term sustainable playability and fair earning for gamers, which means the ArchLoot ecosystem will also introduce an efficient marketplace, guilds partnerships, or potentially a scholarship program in the future.

Q: Native token?

A: ArchLoot adopts a dual-token economic system that includes a governance token and in-game commercial tokens. The governance token is a key component of the decentralized economy of the ArchLoot ecosystem and can be utilized in many ways. In-game token incentivizes players who actively achieve and engage in the game and epic skillful gamers who occupy the leaderboard or contribute to the development of the game.

Q: What if I only want to have a minimum-cost trial of the game?

A: The game is free-to-play, but not free to earn.

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