The game features two types of gameplay: Dungeon PVE and Competitive PVP.


Explore the map, fight with monsters, and obtain resources. There are currently 8 daily dungeons: Wet Plains, Fission Mountains, Ice Fields, Scorching Valley, Desert Ruins, Otherworld Portal, Mechanical Age, and Ancient Tombs. There are also 3 event dungeons that are open on occasion: Mystery Island, Tortuga, and Demon King Challenge. The resources and probability of different dungeons vary slightly, and more dungeons are set to be launched in the future. A ticket is required to enter the dungeon, and a free ticket will be given to players holding monsters on a daily basis. If you need more tickets, they can be bought from the store.


Players fight against each other in various pre-existing maps, earn ranking points after victory, and share season rewards according to their ranking. Battle types include 1v1, team battles, brawls, and other modes.

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