In addition to fighting, monsters also need to live. Form a tribe on master island to grow your monster, win the battle, and also defend your tribesman from relentless invasion.


The residence is your home, where rests your tribe man and summons your new tribe members. Tribe members (productive NPCs) cannot be used for battle but can work in Elementium, Fruit barns, Herb Garden, and other buildings to produce resources. The higher the residence level is, the more members the gamer could have. Adding new members requires certain materials every time.

Fruit Barn

A fruit barn is a place where tribe members collect fruits. This can increase the food output of the tribe, which can be used for resurrection in battle and daily consumption by tribe members. Upgrading buildings can increase the food storage limit.


The Elementium is a place where tribe members gather origin, and it can be upgraded to increase the output of the tribe’s origin for daily consumption. Originium capacity can be increased by upgrading buildings, which can be done by clicking the vacancy button to select clan member assignments.


The dock is the portal to the outside world. Starting from here, gamers can choose to explore the dungeons, conquer maps, and engage in fights, all with the purpose to obtain resources for your monster and tribesman.


Arena is where you showcase true leadership. Gamers have daily entries to this sparring zone to challenge others and compete for victories. Those who accumulate the best records will put their names on the leaderboard and reap great prizes, in addition to honors.


The palette is a place to change your avatar. You are able to choose or create a visual scheme for each NFT part, by adjusting colours, patterns, and tattoos, and assembling them all together into a new-looking monster. Certain combinations will unlock bonus attributes.


Here you can choose temporary medicine seeds and permanent medicine seeds to plant. Grown plants can be particularly used for making medicine and potions that might help restore monsters' health or permanently increase their defense, attack, and other attributes. Advanced and rare medicine and potion materials can only be produced in a high-level herb garden. Collect more materials and level it up!


This is where you level up NFT monster parts and see the magic works. All performance data will be logged on-chain. Enhancement is the game of gold, resources, and also of luck. The key is to seize every opportunity to explore the world outside the docks, collect materials, upgrade buildings within the tribe, share knowledge with the community, and return here to continue upgrading your monster parts. It might surprise you.

Guard Post

Unlocking the Guard Post is the start of tribe wars. Aside from the monster, tribesmen need to be assigned on duty and on time to defend your home.

Gene Lab

Gene Building is the key to mastering the gene scheme of monsters’ parts, which fundamentally defines their ability, attributes, as well as their limits. The secret map of gene code awaits exploration. You can always reconstruct, combine, and reset NFT parts here.

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