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Please note that development is a fluid process and all dates are subject to change. The timeline assumes no major roadblocks to development.
Phase 0 - 2021 (completed)
Game development
Phase 1 - 2022 Q1 (completed)
Team building
Game development
NFT system development
Internal testing
Phase 2 - 2022 Q2 (completed)
Project launch
Community building
Mystery box sales wave I
Closed Beta Test phase I
Bithumb-drop event
  • Official Marketing Operation - April 1
  • Closed Beta Test Phase 1 - May 18
  • Mystery Box Sales 1st Wave - June 10
Phase 3 - 2022 Q3 (completed)
Bug fixes & gameplay enhancement
Marketplace/dashboard development
Durability system development
Mystery Box Sales Wave II
Closed Beta Test Phase II
  • Mystery Box Sales 2nd Wave - August 8
  • Closed Beta Test Phase 2 - August 18
Phase 4 - 2022 Q4 (completed)
Enhancement of gameplay and graphics
Partner network expansion
Closed Beta Test Phase III
Token listing (on top Korean exchange Bithumb)
Security audits
Partner incentive system development
New official website development
Monthly pass system development
  • Closed Beta Test Phase 3 - October 20
  • Token listing - November 23

Roadmap 2.0 (updated on January 2023)

2023 Q1

Monthly pass system
Partner & individual incentive system
Open beta test
Official launch
Ecosystem building/brand building
Community governance piloting - voting on the most wanted updates
Community events
  • New launch of the official website (rebranded) January 12, 2023

2023 Q2

Marketplace upgrade
Personal dashboard upgrade
UGC-NFT collection showcase room

2023 Q3

In-game wallet
PvP system reframe (Spectator Mode)
Community events (PVP tournaments)

2023 Q4

New maps, new modes, new mechanisms
Multi-chain integration
UGC-NFT marketplace & OpenSea integration
Enhancement of Open World
Given that said, the NFT gaming market is constantly changing and so is ArchLoot. Any significant delays would be communicated to the community as early as possible.
More exciting details are to be revealed
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